Some Reviews for 'Earthly Powers' by David Anderson

Earthly Powers - David Anderson

‘A brilliant, pacey thriller, with a stunning twist.’ - Robert Foster, best-selling author of The Lunar Code


‘This was an absolutely engrossing read! Kudos to David Anderson on his first endeavor; anxious to see what his efforts produce for his second!’ - Lisa, Amazon customer


‘Interesting story; well written and forward moving. Is the earthly power real, could it happen will it happen? The world has been allowing other menacing actions take place in the past. History too often has been ignored in the present. I for one enjoyed the story.’ - Anonymous Amazon customer


‘If you once liked John Buchan’s Richard Hannay novels, or a Geoffrey Household work like Rogue Male, the classic 1930s man-on-the-run thriller, and yearned to find a contemporary novel written in that style, then Earthly Powers is for you.

‘You won’t find insights into the human condition here (you wouldn’t expect to) but you will find the Hitchcockian McGuffin, the reason for the assaults, shootings, imprisonments and the chase, stands up well to inspection.

‘I award it five stars for so successfully accomplishing what it sets out to do: a story involving an interesting aspect of the past, namely the end of WWII and the flight of certain Nazis from collapsing Berlin, and dangerous shenanigans in an absorbing part of the New World, an island off the coast of British Columbia, Canada. And if you have an interest in the practicalities of survival in the wilderness of the great forests there, then look within.’ - James Ferron Anderson, author of The River and The Sea